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Uv / LED lamp cre8tion

Uv / LED lamp cre8tion

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Cre8tion LED Nail Lamp

Four pre-programmed timers for quick adjustment and setup.

15 30 60 90 second timers


  • Input Voltage: AC100-240 50/60HZ
  • Output : DC 24V 1A
  • Power : 24W (MAX)
  • Wavelength : 365-400nm
  • Dimension : 8 x 7.5 x 3.4 inches


  • Please follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper cure times.
  • To avoid electrocution, do not allow light or adapter to come in contact with liquid.
  • DO NOT look directly into the led light.
  • For use by qualified beauty salon personnel only.


  • DO NOT leave adapter plugged in and unattended. Unplug led lamp when not in use.
  • DO NOT overexpose nail or skin to light. Certain cosmetics or prescriptions may cause sensitivity to led light.
  • DO NOT use in or around water.
  • DO NOT use with gels that are not formulated to cure with led light as it can result in severe chemical burns.
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